Lucas Acosta ’14

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

High School: Hawthorne Christian Academy…In New Jersey

Major/Minor: Political Science with a minor in Geography and Religious Ethics

Activities: Stuck in the Middle (SIM)-We like to call ourselves Middlebury’s favorite all-male group. I’ll be starting as Social Director next fall and am really excited about taking on a leadership role.

Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB)-A student event planning group

Student Government Association- I serve as the representative from Wonnacott Commons (GO SQUIRRELS)

Besides that you can find me with friends relaxing on Batty beach or hanging out in town at the various restaurants 

Study Abroad? (have you, or are you planning on it, where/when?): I haven’t yet! I’ve been doing some research and i’m leaning towards either the Washington Semester or a semester at Kings College, London.

Why did you choose Middlebury?

To be honest, 4 months before I applied to Midd, I had never heard of it! I was working a political campaign in New York City and had made a friend who went to Middlebury. She quickly told me that I would love it and as I love to say, I did…over the internet. Middlebury seemed like the perfect place for me, and so I applied. After staying overnight at Midd, I knew I was right. I paid my deposit at the admissions office, and never looked back.

Why/How did you choose your major?

Political Science was the logical choice for me. After taking AP Gov I learned I had a knack for it and therefore it was the most logical choice for me.

What was your biggest challenge transitioning into the college atmosphere?

I’m from New York City. That should say enough, just kidding well kind of. Transitioning from the biggest city in the country to Vermont was at the beginning very difficult. I was running at a pace that the locals didn’t seem to understand, and not having a license I felt stuck. However, after a few weeks I realized that not only does Midd have SO much going on every week that you don’t want to miss, but it’s easy to get off of campus through bus services or other friends who have cars since we’re allowed to have them all 4 years. One of the most important things I realized in my first year, too, was that at what other point in my life will I be able to live and enjoy nature in Vermont? I grew up in a city and will most likely work in one and therefore college at Midd provides me 4 years to live in one of the most beautiful environments I’ll ever be able to enjoy.

What is your fondest memory of Middlebury thus far?

Ahhh soo many. Well, probably this one since it was so recent and is clear in my mind. The day after my a cappella group’s final concert, we had a bonding session with all of the seniors. The candlelit session was beautiful in the natural landscape. Each returning student told a story about how each of the seniors had influenced their life and the seniors returned with how they had been influenced by them. The night brought all of us so much closer. It’s going to be a sad year without them, but hopefully we’ll fill the void with newbies!!! haha

What is your favorite class/Who is your favorite professor?

I can’t pick between two of them! 1. Historical Geography of North America with Anne Knowles, and my seminar Ethics in Literature and Film with James Davis.

What do you do in your spare time?

This summer i’ve discovered the beauty of Finale Notepad. I’ve been arranging non-stop for my a cappella group. Should be a productive summer! Also, when i’m at school i try to keep up with a few tv shows so i can call my sister and discuss them.


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